Lovely song.


This is one of my favourite songs. Hope you also enjoy it.


Let the party START!

Hi, everyone! My name is Jing Lin, and you can just call me Summer. I chose this English name because of a movie–500 days of Summer. The actress is so cute and I was quite surprised that ‘Summer’ could be used as an English name! As a naive senior high school student who strove to be special, I decided to name myself Summer. Though it sounds a little bit silly for me now, I just get used to it. Hope you will soon:)

Get back to the point. I am an English teacher as well as an English learner from China. This blog is created mainly for sharing my English learning and teaching experience. As online resources and technologies are increasingly powerful and influential nowadays, I really hope that every language learner can make the best use of these advances. For example, I always forget where my notes are and I really regret that I didn’t keep the amazing journal I wrote three years ago. Although we are surrounded by information and resources, we lose them all the time. This is why we should use a blog to keep track of our learning progress, and we can also use it to record our daily life! No matter it is your learning notes, your favourite pictures, movies and songs, your memorable moments, or your reflections, you can just put these wonderful things in your blog and share with me.

Anyway, if you wish to learn English in an interesting way, and if you, like me, value every moment in life, why not create your own blog and make it fabulous?

Let’s get the party started!